HealSpa One Person Far Infrared Sauna

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Pros / Benefits:

-Since only your lower body will be in the sauna, your upper body is freed up to do other things such as read or surf the net.

-This sauna is designed based on Lower Body Thermal Therapy (LBTT) principles, which point out that many health problems are caused by the imbalance between the higher temperatures in the upper body and the lower temperatures in the lower body.  The thermal images below show the temperatures over the entire body before and after continuous use of this sauna.

-Will help your body to detox, lose weight, relieve muscle pains, and encourage better blood circulation.

Cons / Drawbacks:

None Noted 

Merchant / Manufacturer:

Promolife Inc. (Promolife[dot]com)


30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied with product

Customer Support:

Phone, Postal Mail

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