Are Portable Infrared Saunas Worth the Money At All?

If you've been researching portable infrared saunas online, you may be wondering why there is such a wide range of costs, and whether or not the high costs are justified. The truth is that more expensive doesn't always mean better quality. Get the low down of the most popular portable infrared saunas here before you shell out the cash.

Below is a Comparison of the Top Ten Portable Infrared Suanas:

RankNameEmitter TypeBody AreasPriceRatingInfo
Portable Infrared Sauna I-SPA-LCarbon FiberAll except head (arms optional)$189.99
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Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket Bag Body WrapNot SpecifiedWhole body except the head$399.99
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Vita-Mat Infrared MatJade and BioceramicEntire body$895
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Portable Infrared Sauna DomeCarbon Fiber & Bio-CeramicEntire body (except the head)$309.99
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HealSpa One Person Far Infrared SaunaCarbon Heaters with Ceramic SandFrom the Waist Down$1595
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Hide-Away Foot and Body Personal Infrared SaunaNot SpecifiedEntire Body (except the head)$499
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3 Person Hemlock Carbon Fiber Infrared SaunaCarbon FiberEntire Body$1558.87
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Soft Wave Infrared Sauna DomeCarbon-coated heating elementsEntire body (except the head)$1395.95
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Portable Infrared Sauna I-SPA-L

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Pros / Benefits:

-This portable infrared sauna is one of the cheapest you’ll find, that will still give you all the health benefits of FAR infrared radiation.

-This design allows your head and arms to extend outside the portable sauna, enabling you to read or watch TV during sessions.

-Uses the more effective carbon type emitter (as opposed to the less effective ceramic type).

-This product has received very favorable consumer reviews on amazon and consumer forums.

-Very portable.  Can be folded up easily and carried around.  Weighs only 24 lbs.

Portable Infrared Sauna I-Spa-L






Cons / Drawbacks:

-This sauna is eqipped with a buzzer that goes off 5 minutes before the timer shuts off, which can be distracting when you’re in the middle of relaxing.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“The I-Spa-L worked just as advertised. My wife has fibromyalgia and when she gets in the relief is in minutes…Now rather than running to the Gym to get in the sauna my wife can setup in any room and get relief.”  -Actual consumer feedback from Amazon

“The sauna does a great job on my sore muscles and arthritis. It also helps me control my weight. It is a wonderful stress reliever after a hard day and is very easy to set up and care for. I recommend it very highly.”  -Actual consumer feedback from Amazon

“I bought this for my daughter. She has heavy metal toxcity which brought on fibromyalgia. She is taking neutraceuticals and detoxing. This sauna has been the perfect solution.”  -Actual consumer feedback from Amazon


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